In Motion, Road to Raw Foods

Watch: How to poke holes on plastic container quick and easy

16 Feb , 2018  

Watch our short video on how to poke (or punch or bore) holes quick and easy on small plastic containers posted on our YouTube channel. The short movie is an integral part of our upcoming project on sprouting mongo beans with a twist. Boring holes on the bottom of plastic container is easy. Watch how […]

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In Motion, Road to Raw Foods

Watch Secret Revealed: How to prolong shelf life of Lemon, Kalamansi and Lime

28 Jan , 2018  

Secret revealed. This is how to preserve or prolong the shelf life of lemon, kalamansi and lime! Hey guys, today I will show how I prolong the shelf life of lemon. This method is also applicable to oranges and limes or similar fruit or vegetable when juice can be had for extraction. I have here […]

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