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The Ubiquitous Flower of the Season

27 Dec , 2009  

This post should be less wordy. We’re churning one for Cbanga360 on Facebook, which should be online much later. And that would be about Mayon volcano update. Thank you for hosting Luiz, Denise, Laerte and Valkyrien. See more flowers here at: Today’s Flowers ATPV 16,354


Flower Power, News

Flowers Are A Source Of Joy And Delight

6 Dec , 2009  

Flowers are a source of joy and delight. Even if I am not that familiar of one too many, am posting here a specie gathered from my sister’s frontyard. Could this be the New South Wales Christmas bush flowers (Ceratopetallum gummiferum)? It’s a guess though. Will always stand corrected, maybe I would need help to […]