Introducing NOAH, news one and half, The Satire Journal

19 Mar , 2015  

Introducing and please welcome NOAH. Newest to debut in our topics and categories is our “NOAH,” news one and half, the satire journal, the comic and satire on politics, events and objects, personalities included, with pun always an intention. In Bicol, we refer to its undertone with “Borobentot, an tamaan dai maangot.” It is turning […]


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Hats tip off for WordPress plugin developers vs. spam, unwanted users, etc.

19 Mar , 2015  

Time to tip our hat(s) off to WordPress plugin developers. Without them, the web sites on our watch would be a nightmare to maintain. Yesterday, I spent considerable amount of time and attention at deleting the 20K-plus unsolicited “contributors” in’s Bicol Street Journal and 2K-plus on the Bulletin sites.The “users” were logging in […]