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Some good things don’t last forever, change has to takeover

23 Feb , 2015  

Some good things do not last forever. At least in our experience sharing the driver seat of “Cbanga360.net” and the Mt. Mayon on Tight Watch for Eruption but only with a mere 6,067 views published during our Google’s Blogspot days, the early inception of the BSJ. The most shared post in social media in the […]


Flower Power, In Motion

Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom

11 May , 2014  

Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom. This angiosperm in the family of Cactodeae, specifically in the genus Echinopsis, was first nortured starting with just one tiny “bulb”. Easy to grow with no special care, and handling involved, the plant needs less watering, and grows better alternately under the sun, and under the shade. The original “bulb” […]