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Watch How To Plant Echinopsis Cactus

15 May , 2018  

I am planting Echinopsis Cactus. Welcome and you are watching another feature episode coming right up. Hi, I am planting Echinopsis Cactus. Actually it is more of rescue and propagation of a new generation of cactus. The new batch will rise like the unbeatable and proverbial phoenix from the overgrowth of my four potted plants. […]

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It is summer, Clivia Miniata blooms

28 Mar , 2016   Gallery

Seven years in a row, our lily house plant consistently blooms. We are referring to the Clivia Miniata, also known as Natal Lily, bush lily or Kaffir lily. From just one plant nine years ago, it spawned a new offspring after five years which was transplanted to a new pot. The mother plant has bloomed […]

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Echinopsis cactus springs reprise bloom, and then some time lapse

24 May , 2015  

Echinopsis cactus springs reprise bloom, and then some time lapse. This is the second feat after last year’s during the first full flower bloom of five year old bunch of our potted Echinopsis cactus. In the excitement, I may have taken enough photos for the memory including video shots that time. Now, in its second […]


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The spring blossoms of Jacaranda

23 May , 2015  

The Jacaranda shrub/tree spring blossoms this time of year in some parts of the world. The sight of its purple blue flowers in big bunches hung in branches is quite overwhelming. Streets are lined on both sides of these trees in full bloom get transformation of some sort. But usually, cities have long, line of […]

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Butterfly shrub-tree proven medicinal value on diabetics, kidney and urinary ailments

12 Apr , 2015  

In search of butterflies we find a likely cure for some illness This is the time of year when spring, the full season of flowers bloom and summer collide. During my youth, in the rural areas and ricefields, we find droves of butterflies, small and big alike, flutter in the windblown fields. I would take […]

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Some good things don’t last forever, change has to takeover

23 Feb , 2015  

Some good things do not last forever. At least in our experience sharing the driver seat of “Cbanga360.net” and the Mt. Mayon on Tight Watch for Eruption but only with a mere 6,067 views published during our Google’s Blogspot days, the early inception of the BSJ. The most shared post in social media in the […]


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Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom

11 May , 2014  

Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom. This angiosperm in the family of Cactodeae, specifically in the genus Echinopsis, was first nortured starting with just one tiny “bulb”. Easy to grow with no special care, and handling involved, the plant needs less watering, and grows better alternately under the sun, and under the shade. The original “bulb” […]


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May Flower Field

5 May , 2014  

An array of flowers in a wide field up for picking or just to appreciate. Our “May Flower Field” slideswhow presentation in high definition. Or view the slideshow on YouTube channel on this link: May Flower Field. ATPV 3,518

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The May Flower Power Explosion at my Sister’s Garden

8 May , 2011  

Allow me to splurge in luxury and exaggeration in talking about my sister’s flower plants in her small front yard in Legaspi city. She has appointed enough elbow room and growth space- actually all of the space thereabout- for her source of surprise and delight. She spend good times meticulously taking care of her plants […]

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The Season of Flowers is Fading

29 Aug , 2010  

Legazpi city: Summer has long been gone here. It starts just when the school year ends in March. So students connect summer to days without the regular classes, homeworks and tests. No tensions, more of fun, outings (to the beach and movies?) and also malling (now a favorite past time hereabout). It is also the […]

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White Orchids from Aunt’s Garden

17 Jan , 2010  

A fresh band of white blooms of orchid from my Aunt’s garden. Thank you for hosting Luiz, Denise, Laerte and Valkyrien. See more flowers here at: Today’s Flowers ATPV 19,469

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The Ubiquitous Flower of the Season

27 Dec , 2009  

This post should be less wordy. We’re churning one for Cbanga360 on Facebook, which should be online much later. And that would be about Mayon volcano update. Thank you for hosting Luiz, Denise, Laerte and Valkyrien. See more flowers here at: Today’s Flowers ATPV 16,372


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Flowers Are A Source Of Joy And Delight

6 Dec , 2009  

Flowers are a source of joy and delight. Even if I am not that familiar of one too many, am posting here a specie gathered from my sister’s frontyard. Could this be the New South Wales Christmas bush flowers (Ceratopetallum gummiferum)? It’s a guess though. Will always stand corrected, maybe I would need help to […]

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Flowers for the grieving heart

15 Nov , 2009  

Our family, and perhaps much of the folks in our place, have that very close family and extended kinship ties. We still know our cousins up to that we might call “fourth cousins,” fourth degree of consanguinity! (Memory and Tongue twisters: 1st cousins are my parent’s niece and nephews on their brothers and sisters. 2nd […]

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Yellow Bells by the Sidewalk

11 Oct , 2009  

Lucky for us to still find and appreciate flowers so ordinary and common in our place. But for the people ravaged by the typhoons and floods in metro Manila, and still in the flooded area around Laguna de Bay and outlying provinces, and again in northern and part of central Luzon, here in the Philippines, […]

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Mother’s Potted Bougainvillea

20 Sep , 2009  

Bougainvillea I want to share this one specie of bougainvillea flowers fresh from our Mother’s potted greens by the front porch. She still have time to care for these plants very popular in our place. My brother who is also green-thumbed helps in nurturing them. Mother just love the color and blooms of her potted […]

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My Aunt’s Orchids

14 Sep , 2009  

Courtesy of our next-house neighbor and also Aunt Lolit, these orchids are blooms in her garden, a source of joy and delight even as she worries about the rainy season this time of the year. When asked permission for the frames, she obligingly lead the way. On a sad note, late night yesterday, our dear […]

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Wild Flowers in the Outfield

6 Sep , 2009  

What’s in a name?A flower will still be a flower, though growing wild and uncared for. Dainty and frail, they thrive well and good outside the backyard fence basking at the sunshine, facing the vast, wide expanse of almost endless ricefields. Ano an yaon sa ngaran?An burak fermi nang burak, maski nagbutwa sa katangyanan. Saradit […]

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