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A Retrospect of Summer Reading Scilympics Camp in Tanza Elementary School

3 Jun , 2013  

Tanza, Navotas, MM, June 3, 2013- Students and teachers will be back to school today for another “bout” of school year with more positive prospects. But let me share these retrospective of an educational fun activity we have done this past summer vacation. Looking back, while many of the public elementary school children had their […]

Eden A. Avila

Poetry is a Part of Literature That is Now Going Passe?

10 Apr , 2013  

Poetry is a part of literature that is now going passe. Gone were the days when poetry reading was once a part of grand occasions looking back into our Hispanic heritage. It is even getting less and less popular among students what with their current interest. Something understandable, as technology like cellphones or the computers […]