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Positive Economic Skies Over Embarcadero

27 Nov , 2009  

Developers and stakeholders of the newest commercial development in the city of Legazpi and in the province of Albay are in the upbeat mood.

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Short Film on Poverty Touched Millions of Viewers

26 Nov , 2009  

The short film “Chicken a la Carte” by Ferdinand Dimadura, was made in 2005, beat some 3,600 entries when it won the 56th Berlin film festival award for short films in 2006.


Students Bring Christmas Cheers to Inmates

24 Nov , 2009  

Colorful “star”-shaped lanterns of varying sizes made by inmates were unveiled in a program Sunday at the Albay provincial jail compound.

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Flowers for the grieving heart

15 Nov , 2009  

Our family, and perhaps much of the folks in our place, have that very close family and extended kinship ties. We still know our cousins up to that we might call “fourth cousins,” fourth degree of consanguinity! (Memory and Tongue twisters: 1st cousins are my parent’s niece and nephews on their brothers and sisters. 2nd […]

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Mt. Mayon on Tight Watch for Eruption

13 Nov , 2009  

Last Wednesday (11 November 2009), about 1:50 A.M. Mt. Mayon had a minor explosion lasting for about three minutes which brought ash fall on the towns surrounding the volcano.

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Family Survives Wrath of Nature and Human Error

9 Nov , 2009  

How “bad events” struck twice in a row is a story so true and experienced by a good religious family in Daraga town, province of Albay. The first was brought about by the wrath of nature, the second by negligence and human error.

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Rompeolas: Where the Waves Cavort

6 Nov , 2009  

Let’s spend an afternoon, and perhaps wait for the sun set, at the Rompeolas of Sorsogon city.

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Calabanga is now with 3rd Congressional District of CamSur

1 Nov , 2009  

With the creation of a new congressional district in the province, our town is now in the third, well, the whole old second district was renamed new third district. It took effect when Republic Act 9716 was signed into law October 12th this year which reapportioned the first district of Camarines Sur province. Concerned citizens […]

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The Bubbling Water of Lake Nag-Aso in Manito

28 Oct , 2009  

The rural town of Manito is opening up to the influx of tourists brought about by the eco-tourism drive of the government. While it is home to the 160-megawatt Manito-Bacon geothermal plant, the site is being developed to cater to tourists.

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A New University in Town

25 Oct , 2009  

There are arrivals and changes that are welcome but make drastic contrast in memories stored in our mind. Take for example the recent conversion of the Camarines Sur State Agriculltural College (CSSAC) into the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) system last October 12, this year.


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Bicol Wikipedia

24 Oct , 2009  

Less than two years since its launching last November 24, 2007, the
Bicol Wikipidya, an alternative choice and online reference source now has 4.654 articles and increasing.


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The Last and Final Words About Krill

13 Oct , 2009  

Where in some advanced countries Krill fishing is so elaborate, modern, organized and well-funded to fill the appetite of factories that churn the tiny, minuscule organism into pet food, or extract its oil content for commercial purposes, our town fishers do it simple and still environmentally friendly, and most of all not saturating its population.

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Yellow Bells by the Sidewalk

11 Oct , 2009  

Lucky for us to still find and appreciate flowers so ordinary and common in our place. But for the people ravaged by the typhoons and floods in metro Manila, and still in the flooded area around Laguna de Bay and outlying provinces, and again in northern and part of central Luzon, here in the Philippines, […]

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Rainy Days Ahead

9 Oct , 2009  

Very moody. The horizon is always adorned with thick clouds this side of the town.


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Krills and the Bicolano Spirit of Tenacity

5 Oct , 2009  

Much of the krills harvested in San Miguel bay are destined for human consumption. Depending on the volume, a fisherman would either bring his catch home or sell to a middleman.

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The Gathering of Clouds

2 Oct , 2009  

Calabanga is one of the major rice producers in the province. With the looming unwelcome downpour coming, farmers are in deep trouble.


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Water World

29 Sep , 2009  

The series of frames here shows the deplorable and severe aftermath of tropical storm Ketsana, local name Ondoy, which caused flooding to a vast area in the national capital region and neighboring provinces due to the unabated torrential rain and wind.

The typhoon entered the eastern side of the big island of Luzon and made landfall between the provinces of Aurora and Quezon, even as rain started pouring earlier on Friday evening.

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The Majestic Mayon Volcano in Albay

25 Sep , 2009  

With its towering height of 8,077 feet (2,462 meters), the almost perfect-coned volcano is the main tourist attraction of the province and the regions’ natural wonder.

But don’t be guiled with its beauty and charm, for it has erupted times too many since its first recorded activity in 1776. The most destructive was in 1814 when the town of Cagsawa was buried under its mudflows and only the church belfry was left standing. The town was later relocated into what is now the bustling trade center of Daraga.

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Scouring for Krill in San Miguel Bay

23 Sep , 2009  

Just a few meters from the rocky shoreline by the breakwater, this Sabang fisherman is making the most out of his early morning hours, scouring the shallow waters catching for the tiny, tiny shrimp-like marine orgnisms which thrives in San Miguel bay.

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Mt. Isarog, The Majestic

18 Sep , 2009  

This is Mt. Isarog, a dead volcano nestled at the heart of Camarines Sur province, the highest forested peak in the southern portion of the island of Luzon with a height of 1,966 meters (6,450.13 feet) above sea level.


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Wild Flowers in the Outfield

6 Sep , 2009  

What’s in a name?A flower will still be a flower, though growing wild and uncared for. Dainty and frail, they thrive well and good outside the backyard fence basking at the sunshine, facing the vast, wide expanse of almost endless ricefields. Ano an yaon sa ngaran?An burak fermi nang burak, maski nagbutwa sa katangyanan. Saradit […]

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By the Ricefield

4 Sep , 2009  

By the ricefield. The simple joy of living in a rural area.
We tend to our rice farm and look up to the sky for rains to come at times.

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The Ubiquitous Ukay-ukay at the Town Market

27 Aug , 2009  

One way we can learn about the the town is by wandering at the market. And on this our particular stroll, we came upon this makeshift-stall selling new and second hand clothes.


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A Building Only in Barangay San Pablo

25 Aug , 2009  

San Pablo is a small village of Calabanga town, one of the few that comprises its poblacion or urban center. Actually, it is just a one-street affair with both sides cramped with residential structures of varying designs defined by the financial well-being of the residents.


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