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Are Unemployed Housewives Noynoying Too?

14 Apr , 2012  

It triggers deep interest on this writer each time women present themselves in an ackward manner. Am referring to a situation when they occupy the front stools of small retail (sari-sari or tingi) store, not buying or doing anything of much important but instead chatter and “do” among others- look for live lice on another’s […]


Let Us Observe Restraint and Discipline During the New Year Celebrations

31 Dec , 2010  

Discipline and restraint should be the keywords for tonight’s celebration and merriment of the 2011 new year welcome parties. But while majority can not be prevailed, the DOH and the national police have banned the use of some firecrackers such as super lolo, bawang, goodbye Philippines, lolo thunder and others deemed dangerous, life threatening or more, including watusi and piccolo.