China builds world’s longest sea-crossing bridge

The world's longest sea-crossing bridge spans 55 kilometers.
The world’s longest sea-crossing bridge spans 55 kilometers.

Where can one find the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge?

The easiest guess is in Hong Kong. But to be more specific, it starts from Hong Kong through Zhuhai (in China’s southern Guangdong province) and connecting with Macau Special Administrative Region.

The long and winding structure was built at the tune of $20 billion.

The six-lane sea-crossing bridge is an engineering feat to beat. It was completed after nine years of construction which spans 55 kilometers or 34 miles end to end including a 6.7-kilometer underwater tunnel.

Completion of the tunnel was facilitated with the construction of two artificial islands that measure 100,000 square meters each on both ends.

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The bridge shortens travel time between Hong Kong and Macau which will also have direct impact on 11 cities with a population of 68 million mostly in China’s western Pearl River delta region.

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