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These are the three cool choices how to follow Cbanga360 contents and videos

Cbanga360.Net - The Bicol Street Journal

First Published         5 Mar , 2018      9:34 pm. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

A two-day old active mongo beans on the sprouting bin. The original post of the process is still getting traction on our inMotion channel on Youtube well on its way to 116K of views already. We are forever indebted to the humble beans for the continuous attention our channel garners.

Up until a few days ago, we made a decision, it is best to give readers and followers a good choice, exactly, a good choice of access to our posts and videos.

So we now offer three cool options of following our posts on Cbanga360.Net on Facebook.

For those who simply want to follow our posts in, meaning getting the whole enchilada, follow us in the original Cbanga360 facebook page.

You will have access to all the new and old postings which appeared on the pages and categories and topics back to back in the website. It also include links to posting on the web pages which include our two current Youtube channels of inMotion and NOAH – News One And Half.

But if your interest is confined to just get the latest update links on videos posted on our main experimental video inMotion channel in YouTube and sometimes, its corresponding and related transcriptions on the web site, follow inMotion page on Facebook.

Both Cbanga360.Net and inMotion connect with the same tweeter handle at cbangabulletin

If the sole interest is covered on topics discussed by Danton both in the web pages of NOAH – News One and Half and its Youtube channel of the same ID, then the right option is to follow, News One And Half on Facebook. As a short hint here, NOAH will be in full regular video production mode before March 2018 ends. [Imagine when there is free speech so Danton can freely check out the pun and pinch in news and information coverage you need to know!]

FYI, exclusive video and web page updates are also getting tweets on the NOAH News One and Half account you can follow and refer too.

Those with Youtube accounts are also encouraged to subscribe to any, or both, of our channels if interest is on the video option only.

Choices, choices. choices. Isn’t it fun, and demanding too, that with the proliferation of social media and becoming part of our everyday lives, some can not do (maybe, live a day?) without it.

More options of opening up our links to social media platforms are under consideration.

We are settling back on our regular chores at the control panel of the web pages, which was placed in the (sorry to admit) back burner, and the video channels after having experienced crazy streak and challenge by Youtube demonetization. Oh, that nasty backlash on fake news, bad video posts of bad Youtubers and internet censorship.

But hey, we are coming out of that sink hole with a lot of learnings and insights. We might even pop a glass of sparkling cider soon, very soon and record and post that on our inMotion and cross post on the NOAH channel, too.

I can sense, something like a double celebration is on the way !!!



First Published         5 Mar , 2018      9:34 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 93 views.


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