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This kid is the fresh-faced endorser of money remittance

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Published         21 Nov , 2016      8:48 am          227 views.


Have you seen the cutest and freshest endorser of a money remittance service lately?

This kid is the fresh-faced endorser of money remittance without trying. And he is a total winner.

He may well be the freshest face endorsing the remittance service as compared to the usual, casual and regular take of companies hiring professional service of movie stars as endorsers..

Hiring movie personalities to pitch for remittance is an outright failure. For one, these stars personify being OFW or whatever when they are not. Pretend they use the service when they have not. Meaning they are lying.

But this kid is not.

His well delivered message is simple and fresh.

So here are double takes of the kid endorser:

Already, have featured here that the $30-billion remittance industry was equivalent to 8.5% of the Philippine national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013 alone.


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