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Election Agency Reacts on Political Posters

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Published     23 Mar , 2013  12:43 am   Updated   21 Apr , 2013 at 3:57 pm   842 views.

We have to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. The Commission on Elections the other day made notice of the posters, be it tarpaulin or otherwise, the material of the kind bearing crappy congratulatory messages from candidates are considered campaign materials.

Now, what? Since Comelec personnel nationwide are eyewitnesses to this blatant offense of poster display, it can only go to the extent of a reminder. And nothing more. Who pays attention to the squeaky warning, anyway?

Chairman Sixto Brillantes expressed, “it is a campaign material. As long as the name and face are on the poster, it is a propaganda material.” Well said, but no follow up action at all.

On January 15, this year. the election agency promulgated resolution 9615 specifying (political) parties and candidates may post any lawful campaign material in authorized common poster areas in public places only, subject to the requirements and, or, limitations set by the agency.

O heck, some candidates were even guest speakers on commencement exercises (graduations, in other words). Did they pitch or hinted about their candidacy at one time, who cares, even if it is prohibited and very much unethical. Who got ethics? Comelec is an aging toothless and clawless agency, says these candidates. Can it purrr!